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DIDJ Heart

Captivatin didjeridu music that is a mix of warm moods and dynamic didj grooves, including Charlie McMahon's innovations such as the FaceBass and the Didjeribone. Melding didjeridu with melody, creating songs that vividly evoke their titles.

Artist biography plus song descriptions in four languages included.


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Progressive trance. "As an album, Bone Man pretty much sums up the whole business of didgeridoo playing, in whatever way, shape or form. (Michael Smith. ’The Drum Media’ 22/4/03)."
"The didgeridoo is both dynamic & sensual. A captivating hybrid of percussion, drum machines & synthesized lyrics. It is a distinctly Australian world music album. (Chloe Sasson ’The Sydney Morning Herald’ 22/4/03)."




“Hypnotic, trancy beats that rise and fall with knowing intensity are complemented by pulsing rhythms and beautifully controlled didg textures. The album is deeply infused with low bass and dub sounds, but it’s the unique indigenous instruments and excerpts of vocalising that imbue Xenophon with such an unusual flavour. Understated brilliance. (4 stars)” Lauren Zoric. Rolling Stone, September 1998"