Didj Legend

As a 5 year old Charlie Mc Mahon made his first didjeridu sounds. Aged 30 in 1981 he formed the iconic Gondwana Land band and in 2007 he is still in demand. Charlie recently did his Rhythm Organism tour of 18 club dates in Japan. He has stayed relevant by inventing new ideas for an old instrument. Now days he mainly plays the pitch shift DIDJERIBONE amplified with the FACE BASS a seismic sensor Thus enhanced his didj sound is melodic and powerful as he layers multiple didj riffs to create songs with names like Wobblin Goblin, Resonate the Head, Giddy. Rolling Stone magazine compared him to Massive Attack and Gus Gus. Audiences gasp when he hits the mic beat box style and demos a riff breathing at 125 breaths per minute then breathes that speed on his Didjbone, maintaining it for the whole song. A Rhythm Organism he clearly is.

Midnight Oil recognized his talent early on and Charlie was a regular guest with them from 1978 onward. Charlies recording and live collaborations embrace an impressive diversity: Janes Addiction at the Big Day Out, Keith Urban for The Ranch cd, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the Barbican. On film he played the opening music for Mad Max 3 and on the sound track of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. (Newspaper article click here)

In all Charlie has recorded 9 Albums. The first contemporary didj based music was Terra Incognita (1983) and the wild & rollicing Let the Dog Out (1985). ARIA winner Gondwana Land (1987) and the later dance and electro infused Xenophon (1997) Bone Man (2003). In between Charlie took an acoustic direction for film sound track music in Travelling Songs (1994) and Tjilatjila (1996). He manages to merge acoustic into electro to give his dance music some sole and spontaneity that’s lacking in much dj music.


Overseas tours have been Charlies ’main stay’ since he developed his seismic didj sound in 1997. Countries toured include UK USA South Africa Germany France and all the other EU states. Ireland Sweden Denmark Japan and Russia where ABC tv Foreign Correspondent showed him playing to rapt Moscovites in 2006. The Didjeribone went into mass production in Sydney in 2000 and over 5 000 have been sold. mainly as exports. Indigenous didj man Adrian Fabila Tjupurulla is keen Didjeribone player and partner with Charlie in Didjerbone (www.didjeribone.net).


For video of Charlie and the Didjeribone www.youtube.com and search charlie McMahon or visit our new Video section.

Playing solo his Rhythm Organism dance tracks or blowing the ground sound for Gondwana band, Charlie is an original and exciting performer who well deserves the accolade Didj Legend.
Charlie played all samples on the sample CD.




Reinhard Wedemeyer

He has over 10 years experience in design and media production and works on the marketing for RHYTHMORGANIZM. As Renard he is a producer and composer and works with propellerheads reason, record  and pro tools. Reinhard Wedemeyer is a didgeridoo player and singer with a classical background. He works on the samples to produce a unique rex bibliotheke with great didgeridoo and facebass sounds. He plays also the facebass and uses different techniques for live performances like mk multimedia's stomp IO or Boss RC-50 Loopstation.